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Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue


The following criteria will be considered for selecting men of color for inclusion in the 100 Black Enterprise Modern Men of Distinction. Our goal is to recognize men who epitomize the BEMM tagline “Extraordinary is our normal” in their day-to-day lives, presenting authentic examples of the typical black man rarely seen in mainstream media.

They represent a high standard of performance and are widely recognized (especially by their peers in a given area of achievement) for being among the best at what they do (whether a professional or personal pursuit), especially in areas where men of color are underrepresented.

They are blazing a trail, pioneering new technology, leading original thought or inventing a ground-breaking product or industry. They are change agents and difference makers who are not only excelling at the game (see EXCELLENCE), but are also changing it.

They have a distinctive, authentic and unmistakable sense of personal style, easily recognized in and expressed by their attire, grooming, and ways of being.

The way they pursue their businesses, careers, lives and passions has a measurable impact and influence on others beyond their immediate families and communities (and beyond mere celebrity/fame).

They identify as black men, but claim a variety of cultural backgrounds, nationalities or religious beliefs, representing the rich global diversity of men of African descent.

Their example uplifts and inspires those in their spheres of influence (including, but not limited to, other men of color) to be better and to do more, to set bigger goals and high standards for their own lives.

*Candidates for the Black Enterprise Modern Man of Distinction must exhibit at least four of the above qualities. Those not selected among our 100, but who offer compelling stories/insights/examples of value to men of color, may be profiled as a Spotlight or Passion to Purpose subject on the BE Modern Man website.

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