Nuracode Founder, Iziah Reid, Talks What Inspired His Startup
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Nuracode Founder, Iziah Reid, Talks What Inspired His Startup

There is an underlying theme in business that you are more likely to be more productive working with people that you like; this is the case at Nuracode. There are unspoken things in culture where if you were to work elsewhere others might find it disrespectful because they may have different perspectives. It’s not a problem for us to have Rick Ross or Fetty Wap playing while we are working at 10 at night.  We have slept in the office multiple times through Thanksgiving and other holidays, when you are supposed to be with family, to get client work done.  I wouldn’t change it for the world, because we are a family.

How does Nuracode make money?

In December we started this concept called ’10 Days of Nuracode.’  We build an MVP in only 10 days and have had marginal success.  I learned a lot about operations and profit margins, and how important project management is when you are on a time-crunch. Day one, when you walk in, you are assigned a designer and set and we begin setting up your back end.

The entrepreneur will come in with an idea and how they want it to look.  We get one of our designers to draw a mock-up of three different iterations, and they are able to select one.  We then get the back-end developer to begin coding the database, and slowly merge the front-end with the back-end.  We can do all of this for no more then $10,000. Nuracode’s goal was to tech-enable 60 entrepreneurs this year by helping people who don’t know much about tech, may have limited funds, but have an idea.

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