Sharpton Defends Obama's 'I Am Not Black America's President' Comment
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

obama sharpton laughingOur recent exclusive sit-down interview with President Obama has generated a lot of discussion due to his comments that he is not the “president of black America.”

News sites from across the web as well as print newspapers have picked up the quote, and the president has received criticism for saying he will create policies that help all people and not just one group.

Rev. Al Sharpton, an ardent Obama supporter, has come to the defense of the president.

Sharpton told the New York Daily News he was glad Obama “finally” stood up to his African-American critics who are “trivializing” the work he has done for black Americans.

He also pointed his finger at the Democratic Party saying they never held Bill Clinton to the tough standards they hold President Obama to.

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