The Obama Voyager Scholarship Offers Student Travel Opportunity

Former First Lady and 44th President, Michelle and Barack Obama, have released the new cohort of college students given the opportunity to engage in world travel. Their latest initiative grants scholarships to provide applicants with the financial assistance to broaden their surroundings and experiences.

Deemed “The Voyager Scholarship,” the Obamas have partnered with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky to help students fund their educational and travel goals. Mrs. Obama shared the exciting news via her X profile.

“These changemakers are making a difference in their communities and we can’t wait to support them along their journeys in public service,” shared the former First Lady on their initiative’s mission.

The Obama-Chesky Scholarship For Public Service announced its new cohort of “Voyagers” that will receive the financial allotment that will change the trajectory of their academic and professional careers. Not only does the scholarship lessen the pricey burden of acquiring a degree, but it will also allow the lucky recipients to take part in travel excursions that pique their academic interests.

The scholarship will also provide and broaden applicants’ networks through successful mentors, bringing insight and guidance to the future leaders as they embark on their goals. In the mission of public service, these international voyages will encourage students in attendance to source new ways to affect change and become global citizens.

The Voyager Scholarship is another installment in The Obama Foundation, the couple’s post-presidential organization dedicated to continuing their walk of communal service. The students who are part of the 2023-2025 cohort have received funding of up to $50,000 to be utilized in financial aid for school fees. Per their travel experiences, students will not only receive a stipend for $10,000 for their summer abroad programs, but also live in free housing, courtesy of Airbnb.

Students, upon returning from their adventures, will participate in a fall summit to connect and help progress the conversations regarding public service on a global scale. An ongoing speaker series will inspire participants to remain dedicated to the work that champions community and the betterment of all livelihoods in the public service sector.

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