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Obama vs. McCain Round 2

and support democracy. Now McCain wants to work together and coordinate. He quotes former President Theodore Roosevelt, “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

Economy’s affect on America’s stance in the world – 10:00 – McCain takes a jab at Obama’s inexperience, “we don’t have time for on the job training my friend.”

Obama hits back. There are somethings I don’t understand, I don’t understand how we invaded a country that had nothing to do with the September 11 terrorist attacks.

It’s starting to feel like a playback of the first presidential debate. Obama brings up the millions of dollars in Iraqi oil revenue while the U.S. shells out money hand over fist.

Obama mentions genocide in Darfur which has not been a major issue among voters this election. Darfur was brought up by moderator Gwen Ifill, during the vice presidential debate.

Brokaw asks for the McCain and Obama Doctrine. Obama says “it’s important for us to be able to work in concert with our allies.” But he says he wouldn’t hesitate to intervene if necessary.

How many times has McCain said “my friends” and “Reagan?”

McCain doesn’t explicitly state his “doctrine.” He brings up failed U.S. efforts in Somalia in the 1990s, insisting the U.S. needs make sure it is a place the U.S. should actually be in and helping out in.

More on healthcare – 9:56 – McCain says healthcare is an American right, to an extent. He also says Obama will fine families if they do not have healthcare plans for children.

Obama says he will fine parents whose children are not insuranced since children are the cheapest to cover.

On healthcare – 9:50 – Obama proposes to work with employers to lower the cost of healthcare. He also proposes that those without healthcare get the same plan he and McCain receive in Congress.

McCain does not let Obama out-efficiency him. He plans to put healthcare information online to reduce costs and create fluidity. McCain wants to make a portable healthcare plan. He says people will actually get money back through the tax credit he proposes.

Time is ticking – 9:40 – Obama’s time runs out and Brokaw doesn’t extend it. He wants to clarify his tax policy. Obama uses a question on social security and medicare to go back to his tax policy.

McCain brings up Reagan again and his tax policy. He also brings up his maverickness, claiming Obama has not opposed any of the legislation proposed by fellow Democrats in Congress. Brokaw is becoming frustrated because the candidates won’t stick to time constraint.

On Taxes – 9:35 – McCain says Obama’s tax policy is “like nailing jello to a wall.” McCain asserts that Obama will increases taxes on 50% of small businesses. Palin made this same accusation last week and Biden refuted it. He said most small businesses don’t generate revenue in excess of $250,000.

McCain pushes his $5,000 healthcare credit plan. There are many fundamental