On Second Thought's Recall Technology Secures Significant Partnerships

On Second Thought’s Recall Technology Secures Significant Partnerships

Text Messaging (Image: Shutterstock)
Text Messaging (Image: Shutterstock)

On Second Thought (OST), an API that gives users the ability to recall and edit their messages in real-time, recently announced its partnership with Ultra Mobile to bring message delay and recall technology to their global network of subscribers. Ultra Mobile subscribers will be able to edit, delay, and recall messages in real-time using OST’s patented technology. These added features will be at no additional charge to their subscribers. Additionally, the company has also secured a partnership with SocialPay, allowing its users to recall payments, helping to prevent major or minor financial mishaps.

These two announcements come as the company continues to grow and expand in the market. Since its inception in 2014, OST has tested a couple of potential business models and it looks as though their partnership strategy is working. So far, they have driven revenue growth through major partnerships in the telco, peer-to-peer payments, and unified communications industries.

“We are thrilled to partner with these companies to bring premium features like our delay and recall technologies to their valued subscribers,” said Maci Peterson, CEO and co-founder of OST in the release.


Text Messaging
On Second Thought Founder (Image: Maci Patterson)


“We are committed to keeping friends and families connected with an effortless customer experience,” added Sherrie Simmons, Ultra Mobile’s chief operating officer. “Only through innovations, like On Second Thought’s message recall technology, will we be able to do this while preserving our affordability.”

The partnership with Ultra Mobile falls right in line with OST’s mission, which is to increase clarity and understanding to deepen communications and bridge global relationships. Currently, Ultra Mobile focuses on the estimated 40 million foreign-born people living in the United States who call or text internationally to stay connected with family and friends.

To add to that, the partnership with the over-the-top (OTT) mobile payment application, SocialPay is a unique solution in the payments space that users have yet to experience. “We believe that the On Second Thought’s patented tech will help enhance our core features and alleviate the frustration of sending money to the wrong person,” said Chris Burnett, President of SocialPay.