One Man’s Journey from Hillary to Barack

One Man’s Journey from Hillary to Barack

I’ve just come from Denver where I witnessed Barack Obama make history.

Going into Denver I was an ardent Clinton supporter. From day one, I attended rallies, gave money, and cheered for my senator from the great State of New York in her bid to take the White House.  I’ve known Hillary Clinton since I met her in Wilkes-Barre, PA., in 1992 and worked in Congress all though the Clinton Administration.  I know the Clintons, I respect the Clintons, the Clintons represent me.

When Hillary took the stage in Denver at the Pepsi Center, many (including me) cried.   It was heart wrenching to see the woman who gave her heart and soul to make America the place it could be come in second.

Then Hillary spoke…

This was not a half-hearted statement in support of Obama.  This was not a phoned-in stump speech.

Hillary’s endorsement of Barack Obama was from her heart.  Hillary is a class act putting her country before herself.  This is what makes Hillary who she is.  The Clintons are amazing politicians and they knew it could come to this.  They were not in the race for themselves, but for us.  When Hillary spoke, I began to understand this.  When Bill spoke, I knew it.  Obama is their man, so I began to take another look at this skinny Barack Obama guy with the big ears and guess what? I loved what I saw.

The nomination of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate frightens me and should be taken as an insult to all Clinton supporters.  Just because you have a uterus does not make you a feminist.  I would love to see a woman in the White House but it has to be the right woman. That woman is Hillary Clinton, not Sarah Palin.  As a Clinton supporter I am angry.  Does McCain think Hillary supporters are so stupid as to vote for any candidate just because it’s a woman?  Did African Americans vote for Alan Keys just because he was black?  No way, no how, not ever.  My Momma taught me better than that.

The McCain v. Obama choice is now clear.

McCain will not govern from the middle, he will govern from the right, the far right, the religious right.   He picked a woman for his VP slot whom he met once and has no serious experience just as a political ploy.  He put himself and his election before his country.  I am dumbfounded, I am upset, I am angry, I am physically ill, and I will do what it takes to stop Sarah Palin and her right-wing cronies from keeping a stranglehold on my country.

Sarah Palin is a complete reflection of President George W. Bush and his eight years of failed policies. It’s now clear the religious right is running the McCain campaign.  Sarah Palin stands for everything that Hillary Clinton does not.  Palin is anti-choice, anti-gay, is in bed with