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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

These days, more work gets done outside of the office than inside. Whether you’re a Blackberry bandit dashing from meeting to meeting or a WiFi worker logging on at your favorite coffee shop, lugging around a laptop is common protocol for many. But that’s the easy part. Finding a seat or comfortable workspace when on the go is the hard part. OpenAire‘s Laptop Workstation solves that by letting you take the luxuries of home with you.

Designed by NICK+BEAU, a collaboration between brothers Nick and Beau Trincia, OpenAire is one part bag, one part desk and one part chair, making for a compact office on the go. In bag form this nifty accessory keeps your laptop and peripherals secure, thanks to a semi-rigid protective sleeve. Once you arrive at your destination (e.g., a park) you simply slip off the bag’s protective shell, which easily folds out into a lightweight yet sturdy legless chair that provides back support while you grab a seat on the grass or wherever you choose to work that day. What’s left over is a workstation that fits comfortably on your lap and expands on both sides, providing ample space for a mouse or any other work-related items.

Not a bad idea for the executive on the move or anyone that likes to work comfortably outside of the office or home. Let us know in the comments if you think this is something you’d consider using or just another good idea gone bad.

The many phases of the Openaire design

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