Commissioner Regina Hill, Exploiting

Orlando City Commissioner Accused Of Exploiting 96-Year-Old Woman for $100K

How was she even allowed to run for office?

Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill is being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) after being accused of taking $100K from a 96-year-old woman

The investigation was launched after FDLE received a tip from Hill’s former’s aide. After meeting in 2021, investigators claim Hill established power of attorney over the woman and allegedly purchased a home, listing the victim as the co-owner without her approval. With that addition, the woman now has three homes, including the home where she currently resides and a second home left to her by family. 

Court documents accuse Hill, her son, and her son’s friend of living in the properties and using some money for home repairs. The investigation also revealed Hill used the victim’s money to purchase items, including a facelift, IV infusions, a stay in Miami on New Year’s, car insurance, and dental surgery. Investigators say that the total number of alleged transactions exceeded $100,000 and “solely benefitted Hill.” 

Attorney John Martino, Director of Advocacy for Community Legal Services, said cases of financial exploitation for the elderly are always important and need to be looked into thoroughly. “Any time we receive any kind of information about potential elder exploitation that may be occurring, we’re taking to take those allegations very seriously,” Martino said, who is now representing the woman. 

To provide protection, Martino filed a petition for an injunction, temporarily banning Hill from having direct or indirect contact with the woman while the investigation continues. “While anyone who is investigating the matter figures out what’s going on, we can make sure that the senior citizens can continue to take care of themselves,” he said. 

According to The New York Post, the alleged victim told investigators she never allowed Hill to spend her money. She remembers signing “some sort of document” but did not understand what she was signing and “would never agree” to give Hill power of attorney. 

This isn’t the first time the Commissioner has dealt with legal woes. Her list of past 21 arrests, including drug offenses, fraud, using bad checks, and DUIs, dates back to 1983. While Hill hasn’t officially been charged in the investigation, the City of Orlando confirmed they are aware of the case, but said they don’t have the authority to take disciplinary actions against an elected official.

Despite the case, Hill doesn’t seem bothered. On Facebook, she wrote, Despite everything, I chose to spend some quality time with my grandbabies over a late-night discussion regarding the unsavory part of my political life and the world around us over a meal.”