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Out of the Doghouse

Maria Hannah, owner of The Clean Dog Inc. (Photo by Craig Bromley)

1. Dell Latitude E5420 This 14-inch ultraportable laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor and a 320 GB hard drive will make it a cinch to work remotely. It comes with a webcam, wireless card, CD/DVD burner, Bluetooth capabilities, a backlit keyboard, and Windows 7 Professional operating system with XP mode, a feature that allows the user to run older software that is specific or proprietary to Windows XP. “The processor and memory coupled together will help a lot with her ability to multitask,” says LaToya Collins-Jones, a Dell consumer sales coach who was assigned the task of custom building The Clean Dog’s makeover. In addition, Hannah will receive three years of pro support and accidental insurance covering repair, parts, and labor for drops, breaks, and spills by the next business day.

2. E-Port Replicator For two years, Hannah has carted around her 17-inch laptop. Although she prefers the big screen, the size of the unit has always been cumbersome. To accompany her Latitude, Dell gave Hannah an E-Port Replicator. This allows Hannah to dock her Latitude into a larger monitor when she is working at home. It also gives her the ability to work on dual monitors, plus she can plug in additional peripherals such as an external keyboard.

3. Vostro 360 Included in Hannah’s package is a 23-inch Vostro 360, an all-in-one touch-screen computer with 4 GB memory, a 500 GB hard drive, a built-in 2 megapixel high-definition webcam, wireless mouse and keyboard, and the newest version of Microsoft Office Professional. Hannah plans to mount this computer in her waiting room visible to street traffic and use it for dual purposes: as digital signage to run ads, video testimonials, and social media campaigns; and to prompt customers to make other purchases, such as food, treats, or environmentally friendly toys after they check in their pet.

4. Point-of-Sale System Hannah’s POS system was seven years old and her QuickBooks 2007 software was outdated. Her new system will come with an Intel Pentium dual core processor, 2 GB of memory, a 2 GB hard drive, and a three-year retail service plan. The small form factor system will include a new cash drawer, a keyboard with a credit card reader, a bar code scanner, a new receipt printer, and a touch-screen monitor. In addition, Dell upgraded her to QuickBooks Pro 2012 with the enhanced payroll bundle that will allow her to print checks.

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