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Palin vs. Biden

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Heartbeat Away From the Presidency — 10:07: How would a Biden administration be different than an Obama administration? Biden would carry out Obama’s education and energy policies. A foreign policy that would end the war in Iraq. A policy that would kill or capture Osama bin Laden. “I would follow through with Barack Obama’s policies because I agree with all his policies.”

Palin again refers to her team as a bunch of mavericks to show why she and McCain don’t agree on ANWR. Please stop with the mavericks. It is fine if someone wants to call you a maverick, but don’t call yourself a maverick. That’s not a maverick.

Darfur — 10:03: Biden talks about his long-term position about wanting to take action in Darfur and help the victims of the genocide. Though the question is about Darfur, Palin talks about how she is a Washington outsider. But that wasn’t the question. Did she hear Ifill’s question?

War on Terror — 9:58: Palin has been trained really well. But it doesn’t seem natural. She is taking lots of notes and wrtes down a lot of talking points. When the camera swings to her, she isn’t looking up and doesn’t apear to be listening to Biden.

Palin actually asked to “go back to Afghanistan” to reiterate more of McCain’s position on the war on terror. The candidates are taking different positions on what would be the best strategy for winning the war on terror in Afghanistan and whether the same plan that’s being used in Iraq will work in Afghanistan.

Israel — 9:52: Palin says that Israel is the U.S.’s strongest ally and won’t let anything happen to it. She and McCain plan to protect Israel. Biden retorts that he has been the biggest champion and friend of Israel in the Senate. Biden says that the Bush administration’s position on the Middle East has been a failed effort.

Diplomacy — 9:50: Ifill mentions that many former secretaries of state advocate engagement, and not isolation. Palin says that sitting down with leaders like Iran’s leader won’t ever be done without preconditions. Biden brings up McCain’s refusal to sit down with the prime minister of Spain, a NATO ally.

No Nukes — 9:47: Palin just called Iran’s leader insane and unstable. ZIng!

(Source: Getty Images)
(Source: Getty Images)

Iraq — 9:39: Onto the surge. Palin hails the surge and with a podium thump, says, “We’ve got to win in Iraq.” Says it would be a travesty to leave Iraq now. Biden says that Palin didn’t give a plan for Iraq. As a rebuttal about Obama not voting to fund the troops, well, it turns out that McCain also voted to not fund the troops.  Fundamental difference, Biden says he and Obama will end the war and that

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