(Part 2) Entrepreneurs: How to Systemize Your Business

(Part 2) Entrepreneurs: How to Systemize Your Business


9. Accounting Software – Gone are the days of manual record keeping. If you have aspirations of expanding your business, maintaining great financial records is a key element for doing so. Not only will it assist you when applying for business loans or lines of credit,  it will be a life-saver when tax time rolls around.

You don’t need an expensive CPA on your payroll when you’re first starting out. You can leverage software like Freshbooks or Quickbooks to manage your expenses and invoices. Freshbooks and Quickbooks provide you with solid reporting and tools to evaluate your business. As a friendly reminder, never co-mingle your personal and business funds.

10. Project Management Software – For those of you who manage multiple people or larger teams, tracking various tasks can be a nightmare without a system in place. Not only does project management allow you to coordinate efforts between multiple parties, you can also organize big projects into smaller components.

Gone are the days of super-complex project management systems only relevant to large companies. Basecamp, Trello and Asana offer options for startups and established businesses alike.

Do you have any tools that have helped you systemize your business? Please feel free to share.

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