BE Modern Man: Clarence M. Lee, Physician-Entrepreneur
Black Enterprise Magazine Summer 2019 Issue

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BE Modern Man - Clarence M. Lee

Clarence M. Lee, Jr., MD, MBA, Physician-Entrepreneur & Persistence Coach

Work ethic, persistence, optimism, and compassion are the traits that Dr. Lee believes will make you unique and help you to stand apart in a cluttered space. 

“I am the type that will hit my head on the wall 100 times, as I’m trying to accomplish something,” says Dr. Lee. “Many may say, ‘Wow! That guy just doesn’t get that it’s not meant to be. He should quit.’ But, in my mind, I create my destiny, even if it takes me 100 times to succeed only one or two times. I will not quit.”

The will to press on and never quit put Dr. Lee in an elite place among his peers, even at a young age. However, he doesn’t believe his degrees, titles, books, flying jets, or money goals are his greatest achievements. “My greatest achievement is overcoming the poverty mindset I grew up around,” Dr. Lee tells BE Modern Man.

“Growing up, I saw and was told that I had many limits. Believing in my own ability and not taking on the limitation mindset of others has led me to where I am today. I believe in myself and I believe in others, which is why my companies are focused on inspiring the masses to live great lives. The day I became a doctor, I literally told myself, ‘Hell, I just made myself into a doctor through pure persistence and hard work! What’s next?'”

Understanding the importance of black excellence and having such excellence represented in the medical field, Dr. Lee focuses on educating the public to show the world what BE Modern Men are capable of.  He says, “When people interact with me, they get to see black excellence and achievement. They get a different view in speaking to me; they don’t get to base the conversation in stereotype-lined topics. Excellence is in us all, and I’m passionate about sharing that message. In my book, Well, My Mom Says…: Stories of Persistence, Faith, and Action, I tell my story in order to inspire people to believe in themselves and be persistent first. In my second book, Rx: Persist, I give the prescription for health, wealth, and happiness.”

With future plans to take his teaching and events worldwide in an effort to help others—especially children—Dr. Lee wants people to see what is truly possible for themselves and their community. “Being a BE Modern Man to me means setting the bar at excellence in everything that you do, and never limiting yourself to the thoughts others place on you. You are excellence!”

The Black Enterprise team congratulates Dr. Lee for showing us that there is more to success than degrees on the wall or trophies on your shelf. He makes us realize that, in changing the conversation, we must ensure that African Americans are well represented at every level, in every industry, globally. We are excited about the future plans of Dr. Lee, and we look forward to seeing him continue to make an impact on the community through his work. 

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