BE Modern Man Spotlights - Passion to Purpose:: Matt Augustin

[Passion to Purpose] Matt Augustin, Social Strategist

BE Modern Man Spotlight - Passion to Purpose - Matt Augustin
Matt Augustin, Zoo Labs / IV The Love / The Blueprint Group - Source: David Sheppard
BE Modern Man Spotlight - Passion to Purpose - Matt Augustin
Matt Augustin, Zoo Labs / IV The Love / The Blueprint Group - Source: Curtis Taylor Jr

Pouring his effort into his work, and beginning to place professional goals ahead of personal pleasures was when he knew this where he was meant to be. “When I began to truly become a walking billboard for not only the programs I have been a part of, but the industry as a whole I knew,” says Augustin. “Now it’s not a matter of if this is what I want to do. Now my mentality is finally focused on what are the next steps to become a thought leader within my discipline while making an impact on my industry as a whole.”

Struggling to make ends meet and questioning if the experience gained would pay off in the end, Augustin’s story is a living example of learning to do what you can with what you have while also staying involved in things that you love. “I had to deliver pizza to pay bills. It sucked. It took up a majority of my time but I also sacrificed leisure time with an internship in marketing which would eventually lead me down this road.”

Discipline along with the passion for the industry is what kept Augustin moving forward during those times when many would have given up. “My advice is make sure that no matter what, you always leave time to do what you love,” Augustin tells BE Modern Man. He adds, “one day it will become what you do for a living.  The profits will always come with time, but what good are they if you’re miserable inside? I wake up at 5:00am and head into work by 6:30am.  Some call me crazy, I call it passion. I love this industry and what I do, so to me it’s simply waking up and living.”

Named a finalist for the Bill Sharp Award and an ADCOLOR FUTURE for 2015, Augustin is indeed making an impact. “Being a BE Modern Man means that you are  doing something right. It’s a reminder that I need to appreciate the journey in its entirety and be thankful and humbled, but also continue to set an example.”

The team salutes Matt Augustin for his perseverance in the face of some very challenging moments. His ability to believe in himself while pursuing his passion is why we are proud to call him a BE Modern Man.  We look forward to seeing his growth in the industry and the positive impact he makes in within the communities he touches.

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