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People. Process. Results.

at the current pool of candidates in the United States, there are far fewer graduating students with majors in IT compared with India, for example. I think employers, universities, as well as our grammar schools need to step up awareness around the skills needed in a world that is technology driven.

We need to foster the interest and stimulate the desire for learning technology as early as possible with our youth. Achieving and maintaining business goals in today’s competitive environment is increasingly dependent on the successful management and integration of technology. We need to do a better job of relaying this message to our future workforce to encourage interest in technology fields.

What inspires you to get involved in community work and how important is it for corporations to be involved in the communities in which their customers or clients live?

That’s easy: It’s the comfort of knowing that I was able to make a positive difference in the life a child or young adult and in my community. The organizations that I am associated with share my vision and passion to make things better for people, their families, for businesses, and for communities. If corporations want to be regarded as a great company, then they should be actively involved with and visibly supporting the communities in their markets.

In mentoring young girls, what do you teach them about the corporate world and how to successfully move up the ladder considering challenges women face in Corporate America?

The single most important thing I teach the young girls I mentor is that they need to be agents of change. Change is the one constant in the corporate world – as well as in life – and they will need to be resilient and accepting of it to be truly successful and happy. Considering the challenges that women still face in Corporate America, I encourage the girls to seek employment at companies that value workforce diversity when they are ready to hit the job market. I encourage them to utilize their natural talents, work hard and embrace competitiveness. The focus  … should be on being the best you!