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Playing To Win

to double major in music education as well as radio and television broadcasting,” she says. “My ultimate goal is to have my own studio.”

Blackgirl Magazine
TYPE OF BUSINESS Teen magazine
Kenya James may have started Blackgirl Magazine in mid-2002 at the age of 12, but she’s a veteran when it comes to running a business. “I had one business in third grade, and in sixth grade I started a cake business.
“I started the magazine because I’m an avid reader of magazines, and I wanted a magazine that reflected my generation. Since I didn’t see that I decided to start one myself,” James says. After five issues, James’ bimonthly magazine has attracted top-notch advertisers including Phat Farm, UniverSoul Circus, and the Rev. Al Sharpton. To date, the business—which has 10 staff members, most of whom are teenagers—has generated $22,000–$25,000.
“I think the magazine will still be around when I’m 20 years old,” James says. “It will be the voice of black girls worldwide. That’s what my ultimate goal is—for the magazine to develop and become a publication that reflects the African American teenager.”
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Legit Wear/Green by Nature
TYPE OF BUSINESS Customized apparel and lawn care
CEO Jaren Kelly
LOCATION Virginia Beach, VA
Jaren Kelly launched his companies in 2000. The 14-year-old Virginia Beach, Virginia, resident was inspired by a youth program his father was involved in that taught business skills to children.
The two-man operation provides a range of services, including printing custom apparel—such as T-shirts, sweat suits, and jerseys for
community events—and offers lawn-care services such as mowing, trimming hedges, mulching, raking leaves, and weeding. The businesses took in $2,700 in 2002. Kelly is responsible for day-to-day operations, landing new customers, organizing schedules, and balancing accounts.
Kelly has expansion plans. “Right now we’re focusing on these two businesses, but I do have an idea for a third business —cleaning houses.”