‘BE THE CODE’ PODCAST: Using Tech to Design Luxury Menswear

‘BE THE CODE’ PODCAST: Using Tech to Design Luxury Menswear

“BE The Code” is Black Enterprise’s new podcast spotlighting the most influential and innovative blacks in technology, from celebrities to financiers, and how they are reshaping the industry with their unique perspectives. This podcast is hosted by Sequoia Blodgett, a millennial entrepreneur and former cast member of the 2015 ABC Family reality series Startup U. Join Blodgett as she chats with black tech game-changers, as they take us on their journeys to successes—and sometimes failures—and offer winning strategies. Because if we don’t spotlight them, who will? 



Summary: In this episode of BE The Code, we spoke with Julian Eison, founder of Eison Triple Thread, an Honest Luxury fashion house that produces made-to-measure menswear to find out why technology is imperative when providing men with a custom wardrobe solution.

Notable quote: “I launched this out of a pain point that I had. I was shopping in stores and being very picky about what I wanted to wear, having that problem like, hey, I can’t shop on the rack and making that a case. If I’m going to spend my money, I need to be spending my money on something I really want and support,” said Eison. “I really didn’t see that business available, so I started one.”


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