Poll Finds Andrew Yang Holding Double Digit Lead in NYC Mayoral Race

Poll Finds Andrew Yang Holding Double Digit Lead in NYC Mayoral Race

Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang speaking at an event in Des Moines, Iowa (Image: Gage Skidmore)

According to a new poll, entrepreneur and Democrat Andrew Yang has a commanding lead in the hottest political race in 2021, New York City mayor.

The poll, conducted by Fontas Advisors and Core Decision Analytics, shows Yang leading the stacked group with 28% support among likely Democratic voters. The next closest rival is Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who comes in at 17%.

City Comptroller Scott Stringer came in third, while former Obama aide Shaun Donovan and former Bill de Blasio aide Maya Wiley tied for fourth. No one else who has announced they are running received more than 2% in the poll.

Yang officially announced his intention to run last month and already has put his foot in his mouth several times concerning living in the city and its bevy of small grocery stores known as bodegas. But Yang, due to his presidential run and his idea of a universal basic income of $1,000, has a name recognition that even the most known candidates haven’t been able to crack.

According to The Hill, 84% of respondents said they have heard of Yang, while Stringer finished second in name recognition with 66% of respondents saying they’ve heard of him.

Whoever becomes the next mayor will have a tough task. The coronavirus pandemic touched every part of the city. From the millennials and low-income workers who lost jobs to real estate and rent prices plummeting, to minorities and immigrants receiving the vaccine less than White residents, despite being more vulnerable.

The pandemic has also led to a significant rise in crime during a summer dedicated to defunding the police and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The next mayor will need positive solutions to all these issues as well as developing new tax and revenue streams. Thirty-eight percent of respondents say containing and ending the pandemic and reviving the economy is the most important issue for them.

The poll was conducted from Jan. 20-25 and includes responses from 842 online interviews with likely Democratic primary voters in New York.