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Positive Performance: 2009 B.E. Small Business Award Nominees

This award is presented to the fearless young entrepreneur age 21—35 tapped to be a future business leader.


Baracka Wear Inc.
Type of Business: Apparel
Co-founder/CEO: Brandon Broussard
Co-founder/COO: Lorielle Broussard
Location: Los Angeles
Siblings Brandon, 33, and Lorielle, 28, Broussard launched Baracka Wear Inc. in August 2007. Besides Obama paraphernalia, the company now offers a line of nonpolitical shirts, Yo-town, representing cities across the country and world. Baracka Wear generated $600,000 in 2008 and projects sales will reach $800,000 in 2009. Lorielle is preparing to launch her denim line later this year, while Brandon also oversees an Internet comedy show, Purple Stuff TV (www.youtube.com/purplestufftv).


Elohim Cleaning Contractors
Type of Business: Industrial and commercial construction site cleaning
Founder/CEO: Sirena C. Moore
Location: Bristol, PA
Launched in 2002, 27-year-old Sirena Moore’s executive team includes her father and younger brother. The firm services clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Their steady performance can be partly attributed to the company’s conscious decision to operate debt-free since its inception. Revenues for 2008 reached $2 million, and the company anticipates an increase to $4.4 million for 2009.


Heritage Link Brands L.L.C.
Type of business: Wine importer and distributor
Co-founder/CEO: Selena Cuffe
Co-founder/CFO: Khary Cuffe
Location: Los Angeles
Launched in 2005 by husband-and-wife team Khary, 30, and Selena Cuffe, 33, Heritage Link Brands imports and distributes wines harvested by indigenous vintners throughout Africa and the African diaspora. In 2007, revenues were a modest $42,000, but by 2008 they had increased to $1.2 million thanks to deals with customers such as Whole Foods and Albertsons (SuperValu).