Prada's 2nd Black Campaign Model, Malaika Firth, Featured in Vogue
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Prada’s 2nd Black Campaign Model Ever, Malaika Firth, Featured in Vogue

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malaika firth pradaMalaika Firth will soon be a household name. As the 2nd black campaign model for Prada, Firth has recently graced the cover of the shopping issue of Vogue UK.

Firth has recently been regaled as “London’s new modeling wonder.” She has even caught the eye of Michael Kors, according to the Huffington Post.

As Prada’s first black model in 20 years, Firth realizes the race problem in fashion, but refuses to let it become a factor. Although she was born in Kenya, Firth is bi-racial and stated in an interview: “I find it really good that I’m not white and I’m not black.”