Improving the Community's Health Through Dance

How to Preserve Wealth Through Good Health

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Alexander conducting a ballet class in her studio.

Amiya’s family has always considered giving back to be part of their work ethic. The 15-year-old volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club and the local children’s hospital. Her advice to those interested in philanthropy: “Share your talent with others—don’t just focus on yourself.” In addition, Amiya’s mother runs her own organization, Compassionate Home Care Services, providing home healthcare.

Giving back and helping others is a family affair, but they both realize that their businesses must be run properly. Amiya has Gail Perry-Mason, co-author of Girl, Make Your Money Grow! (Crown Business; $15), as her financial planner. She also has an accountant and bookkeeper on her financial team.

If you have a child interested in philanthropy, Teberah advises that you actively listen to gauge their level of interest and to help direct their efforts. She taught her daughter that a person isn’t successful until they are sharing their talent with others. Through her philanthropy, Amiya helps those in her community and plants a seed, signaling others to do the same. Her future plans include continuing to dance and becoming a physician. One of her goals is to save some of the profits from her business so that she can attend Harvard Medical School to become an OB-GYN.

Take care of business. Even though it’s philanthropy, make sure you have the business end taken care of. Amiya has a financial team in place. Don’t take rules and regulations for granted. Teberah states, “We definitely have the right people around her, because Amiya is still a minor and we want to be sure she is protected.” Take time to complete the proper paperwork or put the right team in place to get it done right!

Conduct a talent assessment. Take stock of your talents are and determine which you can expand on to offer your community. Amiyah believes it is incumbent upon us to share our talents with others. Assess the needs around you and consider how you can help. What comes naturally is typically what will work best.

– Don’t say “can’t.” Amiyah says that she is not allowed to say the word “can’t.” She believes that all things can be done through faith in God. She says she realizes that there will be some bumps along the way, but don’t give up. The creation stage will often be the toughest, but the feeling of accomplishment will be worth it. 

–Additional reporting by Sheiresa Ngo