President Obama Makes History by Calling on Only Women at White House Press Conference

President Obama Makes History, Calls on Only Female Reporters at News Conference

President Barack Obama (Image: File)
President Barack Obama (Image: File)

On Dec. 19, President Obama pulled a historical move at a White House press conference when he called only on female reporters to ask questions.

Making history as the first president to only acknowledge questions asked by women, press secretary Josh Earnest released a statement letting everyone know that POTUS latest move was definitely done on purpose.

“The fact is, there are many women from a variety of news organizations who day-in and day-out do the hard work of covering the president of the United States. As the questioner list started to come together, we realized that we had a unique opportunity to highlight that fact at the President’s closely watched, end of the year news conference,” said Earnest.

The president’s move brought in a lot of praise as women have historically been the underdog when it came to covering matters pertaining to the White House. Up until 1962, women weren’t even allowed to attend the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, and even today the event is still dominated by men.

SOURCE: The Washington Post