Trump Says He's 'Entitled' to a Third Term in Office
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President Trump Says He’s ‘Entitled’ to a Third Term in Office and Adds Democrats Will ‘Rig the Election’

President Donald Trump (Image: Twitter/@Rasmussen_Poll)

Speaking to a packed, mask-less, crowd in Nevada Saturday night, President Trump said he is “probably entitled” to a third term in office.

“Fifty-two days from now we’re going to win Nevada, and we’re going to win four more years in the White House,” Trump told a crowd of 5,000 people in Minden, Nevada. “And then after that, we’ll negotiate, right? Because we’re probably—based on the way we were treated—we are probably entitled to another four after that.”

Trump also once again accused Democrats of trying to “rig the election,” despite Biden leading in polls for months and Trump appointing Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to disrupt the United States Postal Service from the inside, according to critics.

“The Democrats are trying to rig this election because that’s the only way they’re going to win,” Trump said, according to Slate.

During the rally, Trump characterized mail-in voting as “the greatest scam in the history of presidential politics” and said Democrats are sending ballots “to dogs” as part of his effort to raise questions about the integrity of the vote.

“Everybody is getting ballots,” he said. “Probably everybody but Republicans.”

Democrats harshly criticized Trump and his campaign for putting people at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

“After intentionally misleading the American people for months on end about the threat of the coronavirus, Trump continued to endanger Americans’ health by holding multiple in-person campaign rallies across the country, ignoring the White House’s own public health recommendations,” said state Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II.

Trump’s rally took place on the tarmac of Nevada’s Minden-Tahoe Airport after his campaign was forced to make last-minute changes due to restrictions on large gatherings imposed by Gov. Steve Sisolak, who Trump also attacked.

“He tried to stop us. He couldn’t, and now he’s in charge of the election,” the president said. “He can rig the election.”