Management Lessons from Korea's Top Entertainer Psy

Management Lessons from Korea’s Top Entertainer Psy

Korean music sensation, Psy
Korean music sensation, Psy

When you think of Korean sensation Psy, you probably don’t think of project management. The first vision that comes to mind is thousands of people in synchronized dance steps and viral videos of everyday workers flash dancing in offices.

But Brazen Careerist breaks down how managers can take a page or two out of Psy’s book about team building and leadership:

Assemble a talented team. Whether it’s breakdancing school children or an army of choreographed Asian models, assembling the proper team is crucial for your project’s success. Even Psy, arguably the most talented and capable man on Earth, wouldn’t have found the same success if he’d done Gangnam Style alone.

Compose a team of hardworking and creative people whose skills pick up where yours lack and watch as you all dance your way to achievement.

Break projects into manageable steps. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when undertaking a new project. Psy, with his trademark grin, removes the stress and anxiety that comes with executing a project by breaking it down into simple, easy steps.

With Gangnam Style’s step-by-step approach, learning a dance–or completing a project– has never been so easy. Organize your project Gangnam Style by breaking it up into small steps and then watching it come together as a beautifully executed whole.