Quincy Newell Talks the Power of Thinking and Acting Like an Owner

Quincy Newell Talks the Power of Thinking and Acting Like an Owner

You have a successful track record in producing and marketing some of urban entertainment’s most notable names in the industry. Can you share a few relationship building tips?

  1. Build Trust – Relationships are built on trust. You gain trust based on your competency and ability to follow through. When you follow through on things, that relationship will grow.
  2. Practice active listening – The people that are most successful are the people that listen. They figure out how to serve you. How can you figure out how to create a scenario where you are serving each other? I think if you are able to adopt that mindset, you are able to build relationships that are fruitful and longstanding. The rest of it is hard work.

What’s next for you?

We are working on continuing to expand the Codeblack films brand. We started out as a home entertainment company, but now we’re expanding our brand into television and creating digital platforms and products. We’ve also partnered with Sanna Lathan, who is creating a film, Fly girl, based on the Omar Tyree book series

We’re also launching an initiative called Code Black campus—a campus mentorship engagement program. Our goal is to establish relationships with college students around the country and have them volunteer and connect with other businesses in the industry.