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White Utah Woman Caught On Video Regularly Harassing Interracial Family Not Arrested— Despite 4 Warrants

Kathryn Smith, 67, has reportedly been racially harassing her neighbors for months.

A white woman in Utah was seen on video shouting racial epithets at an interracial family and shoving the stomach of a pregnant woman.

According to the New York Post, 67-year-old Kathryn Smith of  Midvale, Utah, has allegedly racially targeted her neighbors for months. X user TizzyEnt posted the compilation of clips, and said the Unified Police Department can’t do anything because Smith, who used to be a prosecutor, was exercising her freedom of speech.

The video showed her verbally harassing the family, including a  nonstop barrage of hateful, racist remarks.

The poster said that although Smith has four arrest warrants filed against her, the police department has so far refused to bring her in for arrest. According to TizzyEnt, the police see it as just a dispute between neighbors.

Axios Salt Lake City reported that the family’s attorney, Tyler Ayres, said the family was supposed to meet with Midvale Mayor Marcus Stevenson to discuss the situation.

Stevenson did post a message from his X account.

“It’s hard to describe how disgusted I feel learning that one of our Midvale families is living in a situation where they are dealing with regular racist tirade, and feeling their safety is at risk.

“To be clear, racism has no place in our community. Everyone should feel welcomed here, and our community’s actions should back that up.

“I’m in contact with our city management, police department, and working to speak directly to the victims so we can work on a solution that provides justice for this family.”

In June, Smith was charged with one count of assault, a Class B misdemeanor, after she “forcibly poked” the pregnant mother’s stomach before “pushing her with both hands in the stomach.”