Ray J, Monica, Brandy

Ray J Apologizes To Monica After Proposing Joint Tour With Brandy

Monica asked Ray J to stop "speaking on" her in public and he apologized for doing so

Ray J appeared on The Breakfast Club recently and mentioned that his older sister, Brandy, and fellow singer, Monica (who recorded the classic hit song, “The Boy Is Mine” together in 1998) should tour together, which didn’t sit well with Monica.

The reality TV star and entrepreneur went on to suggest that the two singers could possibly make $100 million each, according to BET. He also said that if the tour were to happen, Monica would have to open the show because his sister “ain’t having that” if it came down to who would be the opener on such a tour.

“I mean, of course, Monica would have to open, right? Somebody has to come out first. Brandy ain’t having that, either,” Ray J said.

Monica went on her Instagram Story to blast Brandy’s brother for “putting the cart before the horse” because no discussions about a tour occurred with anyone, especially within her camp. She “kindly” asked Ray J to stop speaking about this, and if it were to happen, it would be a private discussion between the parties involved.

“I’ve not received any contracts or calls about the tour. @rayj, I’m kindly asking you to stop speaking to me in public! A private conversation would both be necessary and respectful! Brandy is a legend! She’s one with an extensive back catalog that I deeply respect & a voice sent from heaven.”

“Any further convo should be private!”

Several days later, Ray J appeared on Angela Yee’s radio program, Way Up With Angela Yee. She brought up the subject to the crooner, who immediately apologized and stated he would call Monica.

“I’m a call Monica soon as we leave here. Listen, Monica, if I said anything wrong, I apologize. You are a great artist. You and Brandy have made history together,” Ray stated. “All I want to do is just kind of shake it up a little bit to get y’all together to see. That should be one of those last wave tours.”

“Give the world what they want…a Brandy and Monica tour.”

When Yee asked him what Brandy thought of his proposal, Ray admitted he hadn’t spoken to her about the idea.