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Re-Think Business

Fraternal twins Hassan and Hussein Iddrissu have done pretty well for themselves since starting luxury-auto customization shop Roadstarr Motorsports with John Spio, their cousin, in 2003. Roadstarr’s revenues reached $11 million in 2010 with projections of $16 million for 2011.

Since its inception, Roadstarr has counted many celebrities as repeat customers, including Shaquille O’Neal, Ben Affleck, and T.I.

The 34-year-old brothers’ journey began 20 years ago when Hassan, co-founder and co-president, then a student living in London, saw a Porsche 911 while on a field trip in Germany. He’s been in love with stylish rides since and, along with his brother and cousin, has built Roadstarr into one of the most respected customization shops in Los Angeles. Roadstarr also operates a location in London.

The Innovator of the Year Award is given to a business that is flourishing in an innovative industry or approaching business/entrepreneurship in a groundbreaking manner via its products and/or services.

Innovator of the Year WINNER
Andrè Woolery
MagnoGrip Inc. – San Francisco

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