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RealOnes App: Highlighting BIPOC Businesses Across The World

RealOnes, a groundbreaking GPS app, has emerged as a leading platform for connecting individuals with Black, Indigenous, and allied businesses.

Beyond functioning as a directory, this free app, developed by IT expert and Global Black Alliance owner Joe Harry, allows companies to promote their products and services while simplifying identifying one’s roots and community. reported users can seamlessly filter their search based on their country of origin, peruse various favorite restaurants, contractors, podcasters, and music venues, or plan their ideal vacation spots. RealOnes has significantly impacted the Greater Toronto Area, where it was founded. 

Harry highlighted the core mission of his community-focused organization, the Global Black Alliance Inc.: “The goal is to be a global movement centered around the Black experience and committed to allyship.”

He underlined how RealOnes is altering the landscape for Black-owned businesses and their allies, making it easier for customers to support local businesses: “RealOnes was born out of necessity. Finding Black-owned businesses and true allies in our community was a real challenge with fragmented information all over the internet. We decided that it was necessary to build one place for all industries, businesses, races, and faiths so that customers can start looking there.”

According to the outlet,  the app currently boasts 190 registered businesses spanning nine countries, with Harry investing over $100,000 to offer this solution for free. Harry envisions RealOnes becoming a household name, with millions of users and businesses collaborating globally. While initially focused on Toronto, the long-term goal is to expand to hub cities worldwide.

The Global Black Alliance is dedicated to promoting global equity and investing in underserved communities. RealOnes is designed to foster connections between communities in an accessible, equitable, and high-quality manner. 

In the article, Harry elaborated on the app’s distinctive features.

“The Flag Feature is the most distinct, where a business can display its cultural roots right on its profile for customers to see. Through the Curated Lists feature, users can make lists of their favorite businesses and subscribe to their notifications, alerts, and announcements. Business owners can also gain insights on user interactions with their profile.”

RealOnes goes beyond being a directory, by allowing users to search for various types of businesses, including Black women-owned and ally-owned businesses. Featured companies on the app include St. Skin Tones Beauty, byTRIS, Blessinglicious, Art on a Tuesday, UPlift Black, and many others.

According to the article, Harry often expresses his gratitude for his project’s recognition, such as being featured as “Entrepreneur of the Month” in the Black Business Professional Association’s August newsletter. 

RealOnes GPS is not just an app; it’s part of a movement aimed at uplifting and empowering local businesses and communities. Whether in your neighborhood or anywhere in the world, this interactive, location-based mobile app promises to help you find and support your community.