RECAP: Sony's Holiday Jamboree

RECAP: Black Enterprise Previews Sony’s Holiday Jamboree

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The Order: 1886

Powered by the ingenuity of Ready At Dawn Studios, The Order: 1886 is a highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive that aims to re-write history. This was the last title I got a chance to play, but it was the first on my must-play list.

Sir Galahad, a member of an elite order of Knights, uses technology to battle an ominously ancient foe. One of the key factors billed to this title is the seamless transition between cut-scenes and gameplay. There were moments where I was immersed in what was going on around me, but had total free range of moment with my character.

Thanks to the PlayStation 4, the game looks beautiful, and by offering a unique vision of Victorian-Era London, The Order: 1886 is guaranteed to be a future franchise player for next-gen gamers. The only down mark is that this game has been delayed from hitting shelves until February 20, 2015.