RECAP: Sony's Holiday Jamboree

RECAP: Black Enterprise Previews Sony’s Holiday Jamboree

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Far Cry 4

For those who have been longtime fans of the Far Cry series, the fourth installment promises new experiences, characters, and gameplay. My brief time with the title found me quickly immersed in the next-gen open world, which boasted integrated drop-in/drop-out co-op play. I played by myself as Ajay Ghale, a man who traveled back to his native Kyrat to fulfill his mother’s dying wish, and steps into a heated civil war.

The mission I played found me breaking into a fortress full of armed military guards. I could play one of three different type of styles, but chose “sneak” in an attempt to be stealthy. In a matter of moments, I scaled up a mass of mountains, sniped a few soldiers in the head, and placed a C4 bomb at their front door. I hopped back outside to survey the sprawling landscape, which looks gorgeous in clear 1080p, and immediately hopped on one of the elephants drinking in a nearby pond.

Upon blowing up the door, I charged full speed with my pachyderm and stomped on the troublesome troops. Much like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, there’s unpredictability, danger, and excitement around every corner. With this title causing so much hoopla already for its villain, its revamped hunting system, and vast open world — Far Cry 4 is one destination you can’t pass up when it hits stores this November.