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Recognizing True Leadership

top-notch financial services to an underserved black community. The BLACK ENTERPRISE and Graves families join the Atlanta Life and Brown families in mourning the loss and celebrating the life of an exemplary business leader.

The leadership demonstrated by our Companies of the Year, and by other businesses covered in this year’s BE 100S report, must be emulated by all of us, as individuals and organizations, as we face what will likely be a difficult and challenging economic environment in the year to come. We offer this to you, as is our intent with the 2008 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference, as both inspiration and a blueprint for what we need to do to continue to thrive in business.

However, it’s not enough for us to know leadership when we see it. I challenge you to take on the mantle of leadership in your own business, professional, and personal lives. That means you must not only make a difference — you must be the difference.