Rep. Cori Bush Moving Her Office After Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Berated’ Her

GOP Rep. and Trump loyalist Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and her staff allegedly berated Democratic Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), who said she’s moving her office away from Greene’s.

Bush tweeted that she was moving her office for her staff’s safety after Greene berated her in a hallway connecting the Cannon House Office Building and the Capitol on Jan 13., a week after the Capitol was stormed. Bush also accused Greene of targeting her on social media on Friday.

The Missouri lawmaker introduced legislation several days after the Capitol riot directing the House Ethics Committee to investigate whether any lawmakers who tried to overturn Biden’s victory, “violated their oath of office and “should face sanction, including removal from the House of Representatives.”

Greene responded to Bush’s tweet by pointing the finger at her. In her tweet, Greene said she “had the receipts.”

In the 77 second video, Greene began criticizing Democrats who supported the Black Lives Matter and the Defund The Police movements. During her soliloquy, a voice can be heard saying “Follow the rules and put on a mask.”

A second voice follows up saying “Stop inciting violence with Black Lives Matter.”

According to Bush, one of Greene’s staffers made the first comment about putting a mask on. After hearing the second comment, Greene looked away from the camera and yelled “You know what, yeah, don’t yell at people. You know what, you shouldn’t bring COVID-positive members in here! Spreading COVID everywhere! Stop being a hypocrite!”

Both Bush and Greene are newly elected representatives who won their races on Election Day last year and their offices were located on the same floor of Longworth House Office Building, one of three buildings for House members on Capitol Hill.

An aide of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed Bush’s office has been reassigned.

A number of videos show Greene harassing Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, calling for the execution of Democrats, and tossing out wild conspiracy theories during a town hall in Georgia.

Greene’s conduct has been so appalling, the pressure is mounting on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to cut her from her committee assignments.