Bluetooth Keyboards Review: Different Strokes For Different Folks

Bluetooth Keyboards: Different Keystrokes for Different Folks

AVS Bluetooth Keyboard

IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

Pros: Lots of function keys and a comfortable key layout.
Cons: Lefties may not like the touchpad on right side.
Bottom line: Well-suited for office use, but not traveling.

The $63 IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad (Model GKM611B) is a wide-bodied keyboard which has the same general look and feel of the AVS Gear Zippy BT-637, but has the touchpad on the right and the seven hot keys (Mute, Home, Mail, Previous, Next, Search and Refresh) across the top left. The placement of the touchpad may warm the hearts of right-handed mouse users but may irritate southpaws.

At 15.8 inches wide, 7.3 inches deep and weighing 1.9 pounds, the inch-thick unit is meant to stay in place–not travel from home to office. Like other units here, the IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad can memorize up to six Bluetooth pairings.

While there are many Windows-friendly keys, the keyboard is marketed for use with smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other mobile devices. Dedicated function keys include My TV, My Videos, My Music, My Pictures, Record TV and DVD.

The wide keyboard duplicates the look and feel of a desktop PC keyboard and actually felt more solid than some notebook keyboards. The touchpad proved smooth and responsive.