Bluetooth Keyboards Review: Different Strokes For Different Folks

Bluetooth Keyboards: Different Keystrokes for Different Folks

AVS Bluetooth Keyboard

IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

Pros: Light and small, but with all function keys.
Cons: Small keys, no touch pad.
Bottom line: Quality travel keyboard for multiple devices.

The diminutive $50 IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard (Model GKB601B) is less than half the size and weight of the full-size units here, but proved easy to work with. Despite the shrunken, but full QWERTY key set, it wasn’t hard to type swiftly after a moderate amount of practice.

Still, the unit is not meant for long typing sessions, especially if you have fat fingers. Like the smaller AVS Gear keyboard, the small Shift, Caps Lock and Backspace keys may cause your digits to stray.

The 9.1-by-4.5 unit pairs with up to six devices and is marketed as a portable keyboard for devices ranging from game consoles to PCs. The unit weighs just over a third of a pound and comes with a cloth carrying case. The keyboard has the My TV, My Videos, My Music, My Pictures, Record TV and DVD Player keys embedded on the top row.

While the keys are small, they’re also well-placed. For example, the right Shift key is conveniently at the right edge, unlike some other compact keyboards which push the right Shift key one or two spots in from the edge, thus making it hard to find without looking.