The Richest Jamaican-Born Woman Shares Story Of Abuse And Poverty

Trisha Bailey is the richest Jamaican-born woman in history. 

The mother of five achieved financial success by developing a small medical supply business in Orlando, Florida, into a large empire spanning five states. Bailey’s path to success, and a $700 million dollar net worth, was filled with distressing experiences. Through it all, Bailey’s faith did not waver. 

Bailey was brought up in an impoverished home in St. Elizabeth, where she endured revolting experiences. A survivor of sexual abuse from her teen years and domestic violence in her adulthood, Bailey shared her experiences in a memoir titled Unbroken: The Triumphant Story of a Woman’s Journey.

According to NBC News, Bailey recently held a book signing at Martha’s Vineyard where she discussed the book. Previously, she had not shared her experiences with many up until this point. Bailey’s story quickly moved the audience (and Bailey) to tears. 

Bailey became a stockbroker on Wall Street after attending college. She then became a pharmaceutical sales representative. At the time, she was also in four abusive relationships. 

After a near-death experience 13 years ago, Bailey was in a coma for eight days. Once she was discharged from the hospital in Los Angeles, she was disoriented while waiting for a connecting flight to her home in Florida. As a stranger helped Bailey to her gate, this sparked a business idea while she was sitting in a wheelchair—Bailey’s Medical Equipment and Supplies. Bailey launched the company, which distributes medical supplies to Medicare patients, in 2011. 

Bailey has built herself an empire. She’s a founder of 15 companies and a global real estate owner. She has stakes in the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and Phoenix Suns. Bailey has donated millions of dollars to different organizations, including the largest donation in the history of UConn athletics, where she ran track and field. 

“I know that my business success is not normal,” Bailey said. “I know it is a blessing from God, like my entire life. But having grace and being kind and caring and loving blesses your business.”

Bailey has sought therapy and attributes her healing process to eye movement desensitization and eprocessing, a therapeutic process to help people heal from symptoms and emotional distress caused by adverse experiences.