Seize The S.T.E.M. Momentum With This Python Certification Bundle

Seize The S.T.E.M. Momentum With This Python Certification Bundle

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Few careers have been as future-proof as computer programming. A focus on S.T.E.M. reinforces the notion that the aforementioned doesn’t look to change any time soon.

Not only have computers been more commonplace in the home, but as companies and businesses continue to allow employees to work from home, computers will continue to have their secure place in society.

There’s never been a better time to explore careers in computer programming. Sure, you can go back to school or take a class in the field, but there are few options better to learn about the field than The 2022 Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle. For a limited time, it’s available for just $34.99. That’s a savings of 98% from its MSRP ($2,388).

Twelve courses spanning more than 1,000 lessons are included in this bundle. Individually, each course costs $199. If there’s something to know about Python, it’s covered in this bundle.

The “Python Hands-On with 46 Hours, 210 Exercises, 5 Projects, 5 Assignments, 2 Exams” is a full-court press on the software. Users will learn and master programming fundamentals, coding algorithms and computer science concepts. Seventeen quizzes and more than 160 coding lessons are offered. This course has a rating of 4.3 stars.

After you’ve tapped into the basics of Python and coding, put your skills test with the “Computer Vision & Deep Learning with OpenCV and Python: Build 15 Projects” course, where you’ll begin developing real-time Computer Vision applications. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to analyze images with OpenCV, detect objects in images, build your first neural network with OpenCV, among other projects.

Additionally, the “Python Automation Scripting & Regular Expressions” teaches how to automate workflows with Python.

With a nationwide emphasis on computer programming, the timing to tap into and enter the field couldn’t be better. With a growing technology industry, computer programming jobs will be needed. Python is one of the biggest programs in its space, and this bundle is a great way to learn the ends and outs. Purchase it today.

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