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Shaq Gifts Kansas City Teenager New Kicks After Mother Starts GoFundMe For Custom-Made Size 23 Footwear

Shaq is such a class act!

Former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal has made a big difference in the life of a young boy who wears a size 23 shoe. The generous Shaq blessed the teenager after his family started a GoFundMe account to help get him custom-made shoes.

A Kansas City teenager, Jor’el Bolden, was ecstatic when he got a surprise phone call after his mother, Tamika Neal, set up a fundraiser in order to outfit his size 23 feet. It was a FaceTime call from Shaq himself, who’d been made aware of Bolden’s plight.

Having big feet causes issues when most brands do not make footwear that large for the average consumer. Bolden’s mother said she had to get specially made shoes that wouldn’t hurt his feet. That’s why the GoFundMe campaign was created. She wrote:

“Hi, my name is Tamika! I’m a single mother of my gentle giant – 6’5”, 380 lb – son. I have been jokingly saying that I was going to create a GoFundMe page due to him needing shoes. I never actually thought it would come to fruition. The first time that I mentioned it, he was in a size 17 shoe. That was a year ago. My 16-year-old son, Jor’el, is now in a size 23 shoe.

“This size shoe is hard to come by, as commercial shoe sizes only go up to a size 22. However, I have spoken to some people who are able to make a shoe for him. They are asking $1500 for one pair. Seeing that he is not done growing, I figure I should get two pairs.”

After word got out about the campaign and Bolden’s situation, Neal said that Entertainment Tonight contacted her to inform her to tell her son that “someone special wants to talk to you.”

So Bolden chopped it up with Shaq, and less than a week later, three big boxes were delivered to the teenager.

Shaq gifted him with new clothes, shoes, and some things from the 7’1″ TNT analyst’s closet. Since Shaq wears size 22 sneakers, some of the items in one of the boxes were nearly 20 pairs of shoes he once wore. Still, Bolden’s favorite item was Shaq’s Papa John’s shirt, which the former professional baller wore in several commercials.

“They are a big help for now,” Neal said. “but he will need a bigger shoe eventually, and that’s what this money is for.”

The GoFundMe is still up and has received more than $12,000 out of a goal of $9,500.