TIMBER! Watch Shaquille O’Neal Get Pushed Into Giant Christmas Tree During Live Taping

Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith were having so much fun while filming Inside The NBA on Tuesday night that Shaq ended up tumbling face-first into a gigantic Christmas tree.

Hilarious video captured the moment Shaq, 50, and Kenny, 57, made a dash for the big screen to cover the Halftime Report when “The Jet” shoved Shaq into the massive Christmas tree on set.

“Don’t cheat!” Kenny playfully shouted at Shaq as they ran off.

But somewhere in the short race, Kenny decided Shaq wasn’t playing fair and pushed his co-host into the Christmas tree. Shaq’s stature met with gravity and the 7′ 1″ NBA champion ended up at the bottom of the tree under the bristles.

Shaq’s feet waved hello from under the tree as the rest of the cast burst out in laughter. The show shared the clip on Twitter along with a follow-up showing Shaq cleaning the Christmas tree bristles off his head.

“”This means war Kenny, this means war,” Shaq jokingly said.

Fans of the show seemingly knew Shaq’s run-in with the tree was coming. Viewers have watched him trip over cords and other set props so much, it’s become part of his signature on the show.

“Minutes before he did that I’m watching the show and I’m like “dang with this Christmas set they have now, I wonder how many weeks it’ll take for Shaq or one of them to be shoved into the Christmas tree or for it to fall on them” 🤣🤣” one fan wrote.

Shaq has hosted Inside The NBA alongside Kenny, Charles Barkley, and Ernie Johnson Jr. since the 2011-2012 NBA season started. O’Neal’s addition led to the launch of his Shaqtin’ a Fool segment that highlights bloopers from around the league.

The quartet is known for joking throughout the show, with Shaq being the main one who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty all for a good laugh.