Sherica Dalloo Warns Everyone That Children May Spread COVID-19 After Husband Dies When Kids Hosted Sleepover

Sherica Dalloo Warns Everyone That Children May Spread COVID-19 After Husband Dies When Kids Hosted Sleepover

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Photo Courtesy of Sherica Daloo/ Facebook

A Florida wife and mother has a warning about the potential spread of COVID-19 coming from children. The message follows the loss of her husband of 11 years. 

David Dalloo passed away from complications of the deadly virus on August 28 in Boynton Beach, according to CBS12. Sherica thinks her husband caught COVID-19 after the couple hosted a sleepover for their children. 

The grieving widow spoke of her husband’s diligence in keeping himself and his family protected from the virus. He wore his mask and worked remotely. She also spoke about the impact of David’s death on the family. 

“Our family has changed forever,” Sherica told the news outlet. “I’m a widow, with four children that I have to raise, and my youngest is three. Someone came to our home that was COVID positive. It actually was a child that brought it into our home.”

The woman suspects that a nine-year-old child who came for the sleepover was infected with COVID-19– but asymptomatic. All six family members ended up testing positive for the disease. Everyone recovered except for David. The dedicated family man was later admitted to JFK Medical Center, where he passed away.

“It was just like surreal,” she said. “He had to have surgeries. He had artificial lungs. He had to go on dialysis; he was in an induced coma.”

The hospital’s efforts proved to be futile.

Now, Sherica has a warning for everyone. 

“I make sure, if we know people are coming, I say, ‘Kids, put your mask on.’ Right now, everyone is visiting you and want to see if you’re okay,” she explained. “You guys have to be safe. At the end of the day, I don’t want you guys to end up in the hospital or pass it on to another relative, maybe older, and something like this happens to them.”

As pediatric cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, everyone must continue to protect themselves.

The Dalloo family is asking for donations via GoFundMe to help assist his widow with housing and education costs. His co-workers created the fundraiser on behalf of Sherica. UGK, the 33-year-old man’s employer, covered the cost of his funeral.