Learn All You Need To Know About Side Hustles From This Black Woman’s Blog

Chicago blogger Latasha Peterson has used her life experiences to create a community for those who want to learn how to secure the bag from different side hustles.

While pregnant, Peterson launched her blog, Arts and Budgets, in 2016 and realized she needed to create a sustainable future for her family. “Arts and Budgets” covers all things moneymaking and side hustles, which Peterson said was something she struggled to figure out in her 20s as a musical theater performer making little to nothing.

Now, the mother of four has become an expert at bringing in money from several income streams. According to CNBC, the 39-year-old rakes in tens of thousands of dollars annually. In 2022, Peterson saw over $122,000, which included income from a few online products. “I knew that I wanted to help individuals find profitable, legit side hustles,” Peterson said.

Online visitors to Peterson’s “Arts and Budgets” blog will find posts such as side hustles to make extra money and moneymaking apps that pay well. Her coverage has expanded to financial tips and budgeting tools.

After deciding to monetize her blog in 2016, Peterson saw amounts in 2017 worth $52 and $1,650 coming in from programs such as ShareASale and Mediavine. “I was getting so many people asking me, ‘How are you growing your blog?’” she said. The question inspired Peterson to create her Blog for Profit Academy course in 2021, which sells at $997. She also has an e-book, Side Hustle to Freedom, for $15.

The money does not stop there for Peterson.

Her one-on-one coaching for side hustles and blog writing is $297 per hour, and she recently brought in $1,400 and $2,200 from separate sponsorship deals that include posts on Instagram, TikTok, and her blog.

Peterson collects around 45% of her revenue from ads on her blog page, 26% from digital products, 22% from sponsorships, 5% from affiliate marketing, and 2% from one-on-one coaching.

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