Sierra Rainge Talks Dance In the Rain

Sierra Rainge Says ‘Dance in the Rain’ and Leave Room For Growth

(Image: Sierra Rainge)


Building a business model that reflects who we are and what we have to offer to the world gives us the ability to live limitlessly. As an entrepreneur, you are in charge of your time and your growth. There are no limits to possibilities and there are no caps on salary. I desired financial freedom and personal fulfillment, being an entrepreneur granted me both.

What prompted you to write To Dance in the Rain?

To Dance in the Rain came about after experiencing the devastating loss of a loved one. During moments of grief I was reminded of my strength and God’s grace that had been a source of resiliency so many times before. As I sat and reflected on my life, I was compelled to share with others the insight I had gained and the lessons I had learned along my journey.

Witnessing life fade from a loved one has a way of making you value and appreciate your time here on earth. It inspired me to move past fear, doubt, and limited thinking. I’ve learned that after my time here is up all that will remain are the memories cherished by loved ones, and the legacy of love I leave behind in the hearts of those whom I’ve touched. Love, life, and loss have been my greatest teachers. Love has taught me that it is powerful enough to stand boldly in the face of death and still remain just as strong in the passing of life. It has the power to heal hearts and change life forever. Life has taught me to never get comfortable because it is ever changing; some changes bring joy and others are painful but in each change is a life lesson. Loss has taught me how important life and love are. To always cherish each because they are truly priceless; loss has also taught me that life and love are the most expensive gifts we will ever receive and that the two are the only forces strong enough to mend the brokenness of loss. As a result of all of the aforementioned heartfelt phenomenon, I was led to share the peace and purpose I discovered during the storm in my life, it wasn’t until the rain cleared that I realized that there was purpose even in my pain, I know now that I had to endure certain things in order to shift my perspective, although painful I have learned to embrace the rain; in its presence parts of me have been nourished, and in its passing it has brought growth. To Dance in the Rain was birthed to serve as an embodiment of the transcendence past adversity; it is the essence of maintaining faith through life’s struggles while pursuing greatness. It was written as a gift of love with the receiver at heart.

What do you want women to take away?

A key take away from the book would definitely be that each of us was birthed with a unique gift. Our existence is not in vain. There is absolute purpose in our presence. You owe it to yourself to tap into your talent, recognize, develop and embrace your gifts, and to use your gifts to be of service in order to help make the world a better place. Hardship and struggle in your life should be recognized as means of conditioning. A lesson learned, and an experience that will develop and sharpen you.

Although life can bring opposition and sometimes pain, it is through faith and a shift in perspective that we are able to withstand the strain; through the power of positive perspective we can find the strength to maintain.  When we are bold enough to believe in our dreams, there is no need to be afraid for we have learned to dance in the rain.

Sierra started writing To Dance in the Rain in October of 2014. The book was printed and published in February of 2015. So far 325 copies have been sold and she says more are being printed and shipped every day.