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Grammy-Nominated Singer Ignores Flight Attendant’s Request Not To Sing, Almost Gets Kicked Off Flight

Gospel singer Bobbi Storm almost gets kicked off flight after refusing to listen to flight attendant's instruction.

A video showed freshly Grammy-nominated gospel singer Bobbi Storm nearly getting kicked off a Delta flight after she wouldn’t stop singing, Insider reported.

First, as she was in the aisle, the flight attendant approached her and instructed her to sit down. As she did, she gave the passengers a history lesson on her song, “We Can’t Forget Him” which was cleared by Michael McDonald (the original song that the hook was inspired from was titled, “I Keep Forgettin,'” which was released in 1982). She also mentioned that Warren G was on the “original” song, but she was mistaken as the rapper sampled the song for his record, “Regulate,” which appeared on the Above the Rim soundtrack in 1994.

According to the outlet, the flight attendant approached her again and asked, “Are you going to be quiet?” She expressed to him that the other passengers were not objecting. He then admonished her and demanded that she answer if she will be able to be quiet. He then told her that he was not enjoying her speaking. As it seems as if his temper is rising, he asks her several times if she will be quiet.

“If you’re not able to follow my instructions, you will not be taking this flight.”

After asking him if she would get in trouble if she did not comply, she allegedly decided to tell him she would be quiet, but then she told her fellow passengers that she would sing “on the low.”

When the attendant went back to the front of the aircraft, Storm started softly singing the aforementioned song. After a brief pause, she continued with the melodic vocals without raising her voice so she wouldn’t be noticed. After completing a verse and then going into the chorus of the song, she looked to make sure the attendant wasn’t come back to chastise her. When finishing the “sampling” of her vocals (which she stayed on key and sounded like she was in a recording booth), she thanked fellow passengers and suggested that they clap “on the low.”

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In a follow-up post on Instagram, she stated that Delta did contact her and she claimed that they apologized and said they were fans of “Maverick City.”

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Yet, both posts got mixed reactions from people posting. Many chastised her for making others listen to her when they may not have wanted to, others didn’t believe that Delta actually apologized, while some defended the flight attendant for doing his job. There were some people who praised her for doing so, but it seems that most didn’t agree with her behavior on the flight.