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SMALL-BUSINESS Credit Card Use on the Rise

can keep up is to evaluate your credit report and your monthly credit card statement.

2. You are paying the minimum. Pay off the credit card balance on a regular basis. If you are paying only the minimum payment allowed, it is a sign that you are in over your head and your balance is higher than you can handle. Make it a priority to pay off the balance every month.

3. You have very few dollars in reserve. If you don’t have much cash available, that usually means your income is less than your expenses. You may also be using the credit card to pay for monthly business expenses like utility bills, which only increases the level of debt.

4. You max out. If your credit cards are close to or at their limit, you are in debt overload. Create a budget, work toward paying down the high-interest credit cards first, and set goals like paying off a specific amount of your credit card debt in a set timeframe.