Sir, Where Is Your Wife?! Chance The Rapper Called Out For Dancing On Woman At Jamaica Carnival

Chance The Rapper was living his best life at Jamaica Carnival and ended up going viral for how provocatively he was dancing on a woman who isn’t his wife.

The Grammy award-winning rapper has faced mixed reactions to a now-viral video of him winding it up and smacking booty cheeks while at Jamaica’s 2023 Carnival celebration.

While the sultry style of dancing is a normal part of Caribbean culture, Chance came under fire for getting so into the moment despite having a wife and daughter waiting for him back at home.

“Chancellor where is yo wifeeee💀,” one Twitter user wrote in response.

“For clarity. Can we get a zoom in on his ring finger?????” asked someone else.

Another person wondered, “Ain’t he married?”

But there were many who defended the “No Problem” rapper saying he was only doing what you’re supposed to do at Carnival and dancing the same as everyone else.

“Everyone bringing up his wife. Dancing especially at carnival not that deep,” one user wrote. “You could dance w a stranger and never see em again. Married or not 💀”

“It’s Carnivale, I first experienced it on St Croix at age 13. You’re going to have to do a lot better to shock me than this. Public record I lived in USVI too,” another user explained.

Another person told the critics to stop hating and let Chance enjoy being immersed in the vibrancy of Caribbean culture.

“They’re mad at Chance the Rapper for “cheating on his wife” y’all 😂💀 Don’t bring that European nonsense to this ethnic household and let that man enjoy Caribbean culture,” one person tweeted.

Chance and his wife, Kirsten, have been married since 2019. The pair first started dating in 2013 before welcoming their daughter, Kensli, in 2015, People reported.

They parted ways the year after Kensli’s birth before reconciling in 2017. The next year, Chance popped the question on July 4, 2018, at a family barbecue in their native Chicago.