Your First Job: What to Expect

Real vs. Delusion: What to Expect From Your First Job

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Sometimes, young professional come to start their first job bright-eyed and bushy tailed, expecting that Disney happily-ever-after outcome. But it’s good to come in the door with realistic expectations of both yourself and the employer. This ensures you maximize your experience and can truly determine whether the job —or career even— is right for you.

Brazen Careerist gives tips on how to sift through the fact or fiction of your first job experience.

1. Your starting salary will be $70,000: MYTH
Let’s go toe-to-toe with the heavyweight right out the gate: your salary expectations are likely too high. Having a degree doesn’t even guarantee you a job, let alone a high-paying job.

Your starting salary should come close to industry standards in your area, and it should cover set expenses like rent and student loans. But don’t be surprised if your major bills practically drain your bank account at first. You have plenty of time to move up and get a raise, so while you might find yourself in salary negotiations down the road, try not to dwell on your initial salary.

2. You’ll work long hours and be stressed all the time: MYTH
Okay, there might be days when you show up to work before sunrise, frantically juggle four different assignments at once and feel like you’re balding at your desk. Stress and long hours are inherent parts of work.

But once you settle into your position, you’ll figure out how to manage your time effectively. Daily tasks won’t wear you down, you’ll learn how to prioritize your projects and you’ll become more flexible. Plus, unlike nightly classwork, your job responsibilities normally stay at the office, so you can enjoy some free time once you’re off the clock.

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