Support Your Remote Team With This Platform Built With The Future Of Employment In Mind

Support Your Remote Team With This Platform Built With The Future Of Employment In Mind

The future of work is remote.

Over the course of the pandemic, the work landscape has changed drastically, with so many companies making the leap from the 9 to 5 life to a remote work setup. By 2025, it’s estimated that 70 percent of the workforce will telecommute at least five days a month.

But remote working isn’t limited to having a distributed team and using collaborative tools. A truly remote team is one that is global, with team members spread across the globe and your business catering to an international customer base. Every forward-thinking startup and small business must now be able to accommodate a dispersed team of employees while hiring around the world. Remote understands the future of work, which led to the creation of a platform that supports the challenges remote teams go through.  

International payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance—these facets of operations often become a hurdle for remote teams, big and small alike. Since each country has its own set of legal entities, it’s difficult for business owners to achieve payroll compliance, data security compliance, and abiding by ever-changing regulations. 

Remote has both in-house legal and HR experts in every region as a solution to these challenges, proactively working to protect every organization against legalities that often change in a snap of a finger. Global HR, benefits, and payroll features are also built into the software for faster and easier global payouts and employees know that their contributions are valued within the company. 

Remote also understands the overhead costs involved in running a global organization, which is why they also offer accessible flat pricing. No matter where you hire, you only have to pay the flat fee of the plan you opted for—no more, no less. 

Designed with elevating the employee experience in mind, Remote also helps customize a benefits package tailored to your country—from paid time off and holidays to health care and insurance—with a fast and simple onboarding process to boot, as well as a self-serve software they can update anytime they move. 

For a limited time, Remote is offering a 50 percent discount on the global employment solution costs on your first employee for the first 3 months. Should you decide to continue, they offer no minimum employee counts or contracts, so you can hire one employee or 100 for a month or a lifetime.