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evernote_logo_sqWebsites such as and, both feature services that fall under several of the above categories but present these features in unique ways.

Pros: and Evernote act like virtual Post-it Notes for not only text, but for multimedia as well. Data is “dropped” into these programs like buckets that are then categorized, bookmarked and/or tagged to make follow-up and searching convenient. The buckets of data can be used to collaborate on group projects that could involve anything from real time streaming to conference calling to data back-up. Drops can be made from widgets, applications, and plug-ins added to browsers and/or mobile devices.

iPhone users get a feature called JotNot, which will correct the contrast, lighting, and angles of poorly taken photos. Evernote will even recognize and tag words in handwritten notes that were photographed.

Cons: A working connection to the internet is vital to any virtual Web product. If the internet went down for on hour, the survey reports that 51%  of its respondents would be moderately impacted and nearly a quarter (20%) would be severely impacted.

Costs: Both and Evernote are free, but they both offer premium subscriptions that begin at $5 per month with Evernote and $19 per month for

Websites with similar features:

Zoho projects: This tool features a project stream that keeps all users update to changes made within the project. Paid plans range from free to $80 per month.

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