Top Ten marijuana smoking countries
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10 Countries That Consume the Most Marijuana

10. Jamaica

Use: 9.86% of the population

Status: Illegal, but may soon be decriminalized, according to reports

Population: 2.715 million (2013) Approx

It may be hard for some to swallow, but less than 10% of Jamaicans are constant smokers.

However, just last month the Jamaican Minister of Justice announced the proposal of a new law that would decriminalize the medical and religious use of marijuana.

Cultivation, retail sales, and consumption is illegal. But the law is often overlooked and cannabis is sold openly. The House of Representatives has passed a motion to decriminalize possession of small amounts of the drug. Mark Golding, Jamaica’s justice minister, is also looking to change possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational purposes to a misdemeanor offense.

Another legislative initiative proposes clearing past minor marijuana convictions from the criminal records of those convicted.