5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Entrepreneurship

#ThankfulThursday: 5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Entrepreneurship

(Image: iStock.com/Squaredpixels)

Here we are at yet another Thursday, thus another perfect opportunity to remind you of those things you need to be thankful for. Today, we tackle entrepreneurship.

This one is pretty obvious, as the fact that you are even deemed an entrepreneur, chasing and realizing dreams, is clearly reason enough to give thanks. Oh, but there’s more.

Check it.

  1. Your day starts and ends when you say so. Yes, you may rise at around five a.m. every morning and not get done with your work day until midnight, after spending every waking hour pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into your vision–but hey, that’s your choice, and we must always be thankful for choices.
  1. Whose rules? Yours; that’s who. Everything about what you do and how you do it comes from you. You want pajamas and flip flops to be implemented into the dress code? Done. You want lunch to be a mandatory two hours? Cool. You’ve always imagined what it would be like to have only had a four day work week? Imagine no more. Your business, your way.
  1. Vacation. Gone are the days when you’re required to work six months to earn three days of vacation time. If you decide right now that you’d like to leave today to go somewhere, and you aren’t quite sure when or even if you’re coming back, guess what? No penalty. Will your business suffer if you leave it for four weeks at a time? Maybe. But you would have vaycayed, and vacations are worth being thankful for.
  1. Promotions. There is probably nothing higher than a CEO, but if you wanted to make an even more exclusive title for yourself and wanted to give yourself this higher title a mere day after becoming CEO, there is nobody there to tell you “no.” Go for it. Time restraints? Ladders of seniority to climb? Whose problem? Not yours.
  1. You’re a boss–by every stretch. The success or the failure of your business is all on you. If things don’t go as plan, you won’t be fired; you can simply implement a new plan and execute that onebecause that’s what entrepreneurs do. The decisions, the process, and the dream are all yours. If you can’t be thankful for that, you’re in the wrong business.